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You People And Your Quaint Little Categories

A Little More Flexible When It Comes To Dancing

27 September 1969
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Ninth Doctor/Rose/Captain Jack Doctor Who OT3 banner by martoufmarty

I'm a fandom person. There's occasional personal stuff in here (usually but not always flocked), but ninety per cent of content will be fandom related. My interests are wide and varied and I tend to RPF over FPF if I have a choice but I just like good stuff. I'm not a shipper (unless everyone/everyone counts), I've never been an OTPer and likely never will be unless a show has only two characters (and even then I'd be likely to look into crossovers). I enjoy anything anyone who can convince me of in the writing. I rarely hate characters - I may dislike or be indifferent to them but I rarely hate them. My current main fandoms are anything and everything related to Doctor Who and Torchwood. I prefer slash but like good het and gen, and a good poly situation is like catnip to me. I tend to like the second most popular slash/het pairings - enough fic to keep me happy without the glut of badfic the more frequently written pairings tend to attract. I don't believe in bashing anyone else's preferences in my own journal but that's just in my space - I'll never negatively engage anyone on their opinion in their space even if I totally disagree with it (yes I do have to bite my tongue a lot online), unless it's clear they welcome the debate (and I'll back off if I'm not sure after an exchange or two). I'd prefer to see less character bashing in general but well... we all have our dreams. My default setting on all things fandom is neutrality.

I'm a writer, a complainer and an opinionated bitch. I like reading, watching TV and movies and walking.

Due to my writing relationship fiction, some of it, both het and slash (and sometimes a mixture of the two) can be considered adult material. If you are not old enough to read adult material in your jurisdiction (any post/story rated R or NC-17 is adult material) this is your warning not to read it.

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Dislikes:12: anti-gay people, anti-het people, anti-lana people, anti-slash people, anti-threesome people, character bashing, flamers, having my opinion dismissed, intolerance, overly elitist attitudes, trolls

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